Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Making volcanoes

"I want to make an exploding volcano" 

First of all we found out what a volcano looked like using books and an I-pad.  And from looking at it we decided that it looked "Hot" "Dangerous" and "Red, red is my favourite colour" 
One of our Early Years Parctitioners said "I have got an experiment that makes an explosion effect"

Look what happened next ........

We squashed and pushed the dough around a bottle.

The we found the red colour that matched the picture.

We tipped in the bicarbonate of soda then pipetted in some vinegar.

"Watch out here it comes"

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Making elderflower cordial

On our Forest School site we have lot's of elderflower on our elder trees. We went to pick some to make some elderflower cordial.
We cut the fruit, measured the sugar added some water and got stirring.

 We waited for two days before we strained it into a bottle. We tried a little in our drinks.....it was DELICIOUS! 

A visit to Benjamin Court

We were invited by Benjamin Court the elderly people home to visit for an afternoon of music making and cake. We were super excited to share some of our favourite songs and baked cakes for the visit as well.

We took turns.

Measured out the ingredients.

Organised the cake cases.

We carefully cracked the eggs "it's alright I have done this at home with mummy"

Mixed it all together.

Then put it in the cake cases.

We had such a fabulous time we will definetley be going back soon for another visit.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Forest school

A really small group of us went out to Forest School today as the older children were exploring 'big school'
We started by sitting down doing our forest school names.
Walking over to the logs and the woods.

Helping Teresa tree put the hammock up.
Taking a rest in the finished hammock.

"Watch me swing from this tree"

"Looking for the big bad wolf who lives in the woods"

Friday, 26 May 2017

Outdoor learning Day

We explored lot's of different activities outside in the morning and in the afternoon joined Oak Class who led us on a hunt for shells.  

We enjoyed mark making in circular boundaries and then experimented by painting over it with water.

A bit of boat making.

We had fun testing out our new water shoots and seeing if the water would make it to the water wall.

We stopped for a much needed snack break.

The cardboard box construction area was very popular.

Making plans for our creations.

"I found some shade"

Some of us worked on a shed for all of our pre-school toys to go in.

Over to the field in the afternoon for some co-ordinate fun with Oak Class.

We listened to the instructions. 

Some of us were in charge of digging to find the shell.

We worked together.

We took some photos for evidence.

Thursday, 18 May 2017


Pre-school have been busy exploring Transport and Journeys this half-term.

We opened up our own garage and fixed our coupe cars. 

Some of our cars  ran out of petrol so we made our own petrol pump. 

At story time we shared some transport books with each other. 

We used shape blocks to make different transport.

We posted different things down the shoots and pipes.

And watched them come out of the other end.

We got to work making a police vehicle but we needed to make hole in the bottom so we could make it move.

Here we go.

Here is another box vehicle creation.