Monday, 16 October 2017

Forest School

It's wonderful to be back at Forest School.

We have made lot's of things with conkers....."watch out here comes snake"

Digging to plant acorns.

Taking turns and helping each other on the wobble boards.

We did some exploring.

Discovered minibeasts under our log seats.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Construction Area

Our construction area has been very busy.

We have been measuring with the rulers and measuring tapes.

Designing houses.

Exploring the nuts and bolts and what tools we need to make them work.

Friday, 22 September 2017

1st Week Back

We have been doing loads of exploring this week exploring the new room and toys.
Playing with the little pegs.

Playing in the exploring area. "Finding treasure"

Drawing and using collage for self-portraits.

Making treasure maps.

Our New Room

We have some new changes to our environment.

Construct- This is an area where we can explore our problem solving skills with a range of different building materials and surfaces.

Create - An area where our creativity and imagination can run wild. We can now make our own this space to see what develops.

Explore - an area that ignites our curiosity. We can find out further about a proffered topic. All of the resources that are made available are there too encourage independence.

We have added a few new items in our role play area,
New washing machine door
New plates and cups
And a new table.

We still have our choosing shelf and book shelf. Heuristic baskets are on the bottom shelf. Resources catering for our particular interests on the middle shelf and any areas of development that we are focusing on is an addition on the top shelf. 

Book corner - we now have a cosier corner where we can relax and explore a wide variety of books. If it all gets too much we have individual quiet tasks in baskets.

Changeable role-play - this area will evolve with our interests. From a post office, Doctors Surgery to a Cake Shop. Watch this space to see what's next.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

An end of term round up of activities.

Making bubble wands.

Waiting our turn for the scissors.
We all made our own bubble wand out of straws and string.

Exploring the gym apparatus.

Mr Richards set up the apparatus for us to explore.

We had great fun balancing, climbing, and landing. We enjoyed it so much that when it was snack time  we asked Mr Richards to have it on the apparatus. Well, it is the end of term.

Setting up a campfire.

Exploring the stones with the magnifying glass.

Buildings big tower out of the big blocks.

Mark making in the giant paper cube.

We explored different sounds that we could make with a stick.

Face painting.

Our amazing cake.

What a fabulous year we have all had. A huge thank you to our pre-school parents who have donated things, joined us at fundraising events and baked amazing cakes. We wish them and their children all the best and look forward to hearing about children's new school adventures.
Northrepps Pre-School Team.